In the Accelerated Piano Program (APP), you can learn to play piano alongside others!

Piano study can be a solitary activity but youngsters  can enjoy spending time learning and playing music and games with and alongside others independently. Find encouragement from your peers and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from these sessions.  Any age 7 and over, any level from beginner to advanced is welcome to audition to join the Accelerated Piano Program (APP). Focus is placed on following directions,  developing independent learning and practice skills. Attention is given to all aspects of music reading and piano techniques.

No more headaches about practicing and makeups!

Independent practicing and “practicing how to practice” makes for EASIER practicing at home with less parental involvement! Playing games, participating in low-key performance opportunities, moving through books and songs faster, all these make learning how to play piano FUN!

Convenient for siblings and parents!

With no specific age or playing levels to limit participants (max. of 4 per group), these APP classes allow siblings or friends to attend at the same time. Parents can drop off their kids for piano and pick them up all waiting for two separate lesson times. There's time to grab a cup of coffee or run an errand!!

Should you need to schedule a makeup, APP attendance is flexible: with 24 hour advance notice,  you will be able to work out a different session.

Find out more!

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