Have some extra time? Want to have some fun along with a feeling of accomplishment? Learn to

play the basic concepts of piano or get ahead in your books in only 4 days! Take advantage of some time off and get a big bounce to your new piano adventure or make major progress in your piano books and songs!

A Book Blast is a four-day intensive camp for piano students who are looking for an introduction to

playing music and piano, or wish to move quickly through their piano books or songs. Each day of the 4-day Camp is two hours long and focuses on honing independent practice skills and successful completion of each camper's goals. Each camp day is interspersed with theory concepts, composing or improv skills, group game times and snacks. The 8 hours of Camp fun result in better musicians, acquisition of higher piano skills and, most of all, making new friends! An extra bonus: there is NO homework....all books and materials will stay at the studio until the end of camp!

Camp fee for the full four days is $200.00 per student and due at time of registration. Cash or checks made out to: Peggy Johnson. Partial days/attendance not available. No refunds less than two weeks before the first Camp date unless the session is cancelled due to low registration. Class size is 2-4 campers.

Dates and times of the next Book Blast Camp TBA....stay tuned!

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Hours by appointment only

Excited Blasters, June 18-21, 2018

Learning notes, counts and more!

Learning notes, counts, steady beats and having fun for the whole time!


“Book blast camp was wonderful! My son said he wished piano camp could happen every day. He was inspired to play more at home and asked me to play duets with him. He and a fellow book blast friend sang music theory songs at the top of their lungs on the beach after camp! Thank you Peggy for inspiring these children to make music!”


“My son was bursting with joy each day this week!  Thank you, Peggy. I never would have signed him up for this if he hadn’t pushed for it, and I am SO glad he did. His Dad was so excited and impressed watching the videos and hearing about all what his son did this week. Now our daughter is saying that she wants lessons, too!”