(dates subject to change)

September 9, 2019: Lessons begin!

October 13, 1:30pm: Piano Salon (adult pianists only)

October 26, 10:20am: Good Deed Recital (K-12)

October 26, 2:00pm Adult Masterclass #1

November 10, 1:30pm: Piano Salon (adults)

November 25-29: NO LESSONS

December 8, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

December 14, 10:20am: Good Deed Recital (K-12)

December 23-January 5, 2020: NO LESSONS

January 12, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

Jan. 24-Feb. 2: NO LESSONS!! Tallulah Rose Murphy!

Feb. 3:   Practice-A-Thon Fundraiser begins!

February 9, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

February 15, 10:20am: Good Deed (K-12)

March 8, 1:30pm: Piano Salon (adults)

March 23-27: Piano Parties

March 27-April 5: NO LESSONS

April 6: summer scheduling begins; plan ahead!

April 18, 10:30am Good Deed (K-12)

April 19, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

May, Guild Auditions (TBA) performances (time TBA)

May 17, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

May 25 (Memorial Day) NO LESSONS

May 29: Makeup day for 5/25 students

June 1: Fall enrollment forms and fees DUE today.

June 1-5: Piano Parties

June 6, 10:00am Spring Recital (K-5th)

June 6, 12:00pm Spring Recital (6th-12th)

June 7-12: NO LESSONS

June 14, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)


June 16: Summer schedule begins (TWTh‘s only)

July 3-12 YES! LESSONS!

July 14-17: NO LESSONS (Professional  Development)

July 12, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

July 28-August 1: Musical Plays

August 1, 10:20am: Good Deed and Plays

August 9, 1:30pm Piano Salon (adults)

August 1-September 13: NO LESSONS

September 14: LESSONS BEGIN!!


Masterclasses for 6-12th graders and adults TBA

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