Studio Policies and Lesson Rates



TUITION / PAYMENTS: There are 41 weekly lessons of either 45 or 60 minutes in length for private students or 60 minute Accelerated Piano Program (APP) students during the musical year, September through August. The monthly and quarterly (4, 3-month periods) fees for each student remain the same and are averaged out over a year’s period. Payments may be made by online bill pay and auto-scheduled to arrive by the 1st of every month or quarter. Payment may also be made by check or cash, but if check, cash or bank payments are late, a $25 late fee will be incurred. A payment that is more than 30 days late will be considered delinquent and lessons will be discontinued until that payment and the next payment is made. There are no credits or refunds. Students planning an extended vacation must still make their monthly/quarterly payments if they wish to hold their place in the studio. Music is given out as needed and the cost will be added to the next month’s invoice. An annual, non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $30.00 is due upon enrollment and helps defray the cost of materials, copies, loaned music, postage, studio maintenance, equipment upkeep, teacher organization memberships/continuing education, etc. 


SNOW DAYS: When we have school closings, we will all stay safely at home. Private students will do lessons by phone, Skype or FaceTime. Please be prepared with all music, your assignment notebook (and an extra sheet of paper for the new assignment) and a pencil. If using Skype or FaceTime, set your phone/iPad/computer near the keyboard so I can see your hands on the keyboard. When it is your scheduled lesson time, call me to get your session going. Please do not call earlier during someone else's lesson time. If you are unable to use any of the above electronic devices for a snow day lesson, we will reschedule. If by chance I elect to cancel then I will refund or reschedule if at all humanly possible. All APP students will reschedule to the next available opening or we may opt to do FaceTime/Skype lessons that are 30 minutes in length and equal the same rate as the APP rate.


Students are expected to bring all their current books and materials to every lesson.  The cost of new books or materials will be added to the monthly/quarterly invoice.  Each student will also need to purchase/bring a spiral notebook for assignments and a 3-ring binder with clear pockets on the front and back covers. A metronome is necessary for all students playing any level of technique. There are several free metronome apps available.


In order to make appropriate progress, students are expected to honor their lesson times regularly and promptly throughout the year. Because life happens, my makeup policy now consists of the following: 

*Makeups will be made for illness and family emergencies which will be made up with no 24-hour notice required

*There are NO makeups for a "no-call/no-show".

*There are no makeups for an extended vacation or for reasons other than illness or family emergencies.

Private and APP students may schedule a makeup within the 24-hour window only if it meets the illness/emergency qualification. You must contact me first so I can override the software system. The APP sessions have a max of 4 students in each spot with the 5th spot reserved for last-resort makeups. Using the "My Music Staff" software program, all students may remove themselves from a lesson and add their name to another if done before the 24-hour advance-notice time period closes for both the missed lesson and the makeup lesson, This will be first-come, first-served. Again, exceptions are illnesses and family emergencies which will be made up with no 24-hour notice required. Contact me ASAP. We will do our best and be as flexible as we can!


* If you cannot do a makeup in the week that you miss a private lesson, you may attend an APP lesson or do two lessons in a future week.

You have 90 days from your absence to use your makeup credit.


RECITALS: Participation in the Almost Summer Awards Recital is expected. The bi-monthly Good Deed Recitals are held in Evergreen Cottage on the GT Pavilions campus.

PIANO PARTIES: These Parties are one hour in length and take the place of the regular lesson during the week of the Party. Please be prepared to be calendar-flexible in these weeks! We will perform for each other, play music games and do worksheets as well as a bit of composing or study a composer, if time permits. Students will be grouped according to age and scheduled as close to their regular times as possible. Class size is 2-8. Adult class size is 5-6 max. There is no extra charge for the Piano Parties which are included in the regular tuition fees. Students unable to attend their Party will have no lesson that week. There are no makeups (other than illness or emergencies) for missed Parties.

MASTERCLASS PERFORMANCE: This event takes place once a year for invited students in grades 6-12.  Students will perform one polished, classical piece for a piano judge in a non-competitive situation. The judge’s comments contribute to the attending/performing student’s learning, future work and success.

THE NATIONAL GUILD AUDITIONS: This is an annual, non-competitive event that includes playing several pieces from memory with the corresponding scale and cadence. The adjudicator provides supportive comments aimed at encouraging positive changes in the pianist. Date, time and location TBA.


Annual Enrollment Fee : $30.00 per student due upon enrollment and is non-refundable.

60-minute weekly Accelerated Piano Program (APP): $130.00/month.

45-minute, weekly PRIVATE lesson: $138.00/month.

60-minute, weekly PRIVATE lesson: $163.00/month


BOOK BLAST CAMP (4 days with 2 hours per day): $200.00 per student. See separate page for more details.

LATE FEES: $25 if unpaid 10 days after the due date.

Contact me for more details