A mom says:


"Peggy has been a wonderful teacher for our daughter!"

Nice hand position!


Keep at it every day and your hands and fingers will remember how you helped them.

“I am so glad she is getting expert instruction from you - a master teacher!”


“Thank you, Peggy”

He was bursting with joy each day this week!

”My son was bursting with joy each day this week!”

“Book blast camp was wonderful!”


“My son said he wished piano camp could happen every day. He was inspired to play more at home and asked me to play duets with him. ‘

“Grateful our paths crossed with Peggy!”


“Excellent piano guidance for our daughter.”


"What? It's time to go already? That (hour) felt more like 20 minutes!"

"Oooh, I could have TWO lessons in each week? Hmmm!"

“That was the BEST Piano [Party] ever!!”

"You should have heard them (piano trio students) on their very first time together, they were so natural! She is so excited about playing with the trio and for making new friends!

"Are we already done? That was fast!"

Piano Salon participant: “......your marshalls are well-trained in being hosts, and a good time was had by all.  Thank you for setting up this lovely event, with its non-judgemental parameters.  It's a very special way for amateurs of all levels to express themselves and fuel their love for music through piano-playing.  Your own beautiful spirit shines through your students!

With admiration and respect,



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